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net : libnss-mysql
NSS module using a MySQL database for backend
libNSS-MySQL allows you to authenticate UNIX groups and users using a MySQL database. It uses the NSS API which provides an abstraction layer between the UNIX authentication API and the related data. NSS-MySQL currently supports the passwd and groups services.
Version number : 1.5
Md5 : MD5 (libnss-mysql-1.5.tar.gz) = a34d41a38e426ba26ffde07d03beef8e SHA256 (libnss-mysql-1.5.tar.gz) = a2d66cf27c61ac910e5747c642276ce70b79006f8820a90f12f27614a39e245c SIZE (libnss-mysql-1.5.tar.gz) = 333385
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