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net : libpcapnav
A libpcap wrapper library
Libcapnav is a libpcap wrapper library that allows navigation to arbitrary packets in a tcpdump trace file between reads, using timestamps or percentage offsets. The API is intentionally much like that of the pcap library.
Version number : 0.8
Md5 : MD5 (libpcapnav-0.8.tar.gz) = 005a0a2d6f1164f1212a7c10ab950b36 SHA256 (libpcapnav-0.8.tar.gz) = 11d6a4257cbc5a89aa73ce2aaa5b0fc17430f7279d0abb39ccaf3a411ba7e852 SIZE (libpcapnav-0.8.tar.gz) = 387476
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