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net : libunp
The networking library used in UNIX Network Programming Volume 1 2e
libunp is the library used in W. Richard Stevens' book "UNIX Network Programming Volume 1, 2nd Edition". It contains the library and headers used in the examples as well as all programs from the text that compile on FreeBSD systems. For more information on the book, see For more info on W. Richard Stevens, see
Version number : 1.0
Md5 : MD5 (unpv12e.tar.gz) = 701818c1be87de9680a3f3867bc47c8c SHA256 (unpv12e.tar.gz) = 7f73bbc920125cdd9a558b7a2820f2c1c688350681ca8c77724b5c1f38c5c250 SIZE (unpv12e.tar.gz) = 230608
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