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net : linux-nx-client
The NoMachine NX client
NoMachine NX is a X Window, RDP and RFB compression protocol allowing thin clients to remotely access desktops running NX Server over slow links. This port provides NoMachine NX Client, which can access KDE, GNOME, Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA and VNC desktops remotely.
Version number : 2.1.0 PORTVERSION=${PORTVERSION}
Md5 : MD5 (nxclient-2.1.0-17.i386.tar.gz) = d4482ecd4dda377f879a0888e256bce9 SHA256 (nxclient-2.1.0-17.i386.tar.gz) = c087c1e528dd4272c4666a832b0a585b53fa15466b54d1dc2d60d105bea964ab SIZE (nxclient-2.1.0-17.i386.tar.gz) = 3515342
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