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FLUTE - File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport implementation
MAD-FLUTE is an implementation of FLUTE - File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport (IETF draft). FLUTE is a protocol for the unidirectional delivery of files over the Internet, which is particularly suited to multicast networks. FLUTE builds on Asyncronous Layered Coding (ALC), the base protocol designed for massively scalable multicast distribution (RFC 3450). ALC is a protocol instantiation of Layered Coding Transport building block (LCT) (RFC 3451). MAD-ALC is an implementation of the ALC/LCT protocols. The MAD/TUT project is going on at Tampere University of Technology (TUT).
Version number : 1.3
Md5 : MD5 (mad_fcl_v1.3_src.tar.gz) = 524e1f420c0484ac3af26c7db17e6cee SHA256 (mad_fcl_v1.3_src.tar.gz) = 2b41e06128a14ac42aeb58633562b43cb5d0499e2852b91d810f53dbd7e9ba29 SIZE (mad_fcl_v1.3_src.tar.gz) = 129137
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