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net : micro_inetd
A inetd-like program intended for temporarily usage
Like inetd, this program listens on the net for requests and spawns a server to handle them. However, it only handles one port and one program. Other limitations: * only 'stream' socket type * only 'nowait' * doesn't switch user-ids
Version number : 2005.06.29
Md5 : MD5 (micro_inetd_29jun2005.tar.gz) = 515eb503e98d34c8beb7ed8df4123a0a SHA256 (micro_inetd_29jun2005.tar.gz) = b4e13e86fae75d929daa0992970f44a6e08b3abbd7bc9a5fa524ff9f4741f706 SIZE (micro_inetd_29jun2005.tar.gz) = 5891
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