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net : micro_proxy
A really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy
Microproxy is a very small Unix-based HTTP/HTTPS proxy. It runs from inetd, which means its performance is poor. But for low-traffic sites, it's quite adequate. It implements all the basic features of an HTTP/HTTPS proxy, including IPv6 forwarding, in only 320 lines of code.
Version number : 20021030
Md5 : MD5 (micro_proxy_30oct2002.tar.gz) = d83288fbc61b73a9dc0f62a49c6f1ab2 SHA256 (micro_proxy_30oct2002.tar.gz) = 8a1844d684d4a78f2fd3f14cf7c1fb4257e210d376f169d9525b2dc455f71f39 SIZE (micro_proxy_30oct2002.tar.gz) = 5822
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