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net : mldonkey-sancho
A Java GUI for the MLDonkey core
[ excerpt taken from developer's web site ] sancho is a gui that connects to a p2p core application. Power users that use p2p applications usually choose one that has core/gui separation. sancho provides an easy to use, powerful, and configurable gui, currently supporting the gui protocol of the popular mldonkey core. The sancho project is written for fun, but also to test some new and exciting technologies. It is written in Java using the SWT widget toolkit and can be compiled on multiple platforms with the gcj compiler to native machine code (java=slow and bulky? not anymore! no external java runtime required!). Windows, Linux, OSX and other popular operating systems are supported.
Version number :
Md5 : MD5 (sancho-src.tar.bz2) = e36b8a8fccde32f8da599f795f3defe1 SHA256 (sancho-src.tar.bz2) = a7d0007b92981a81be20eaab45d1d0ce311be0bd4562352c947ddaf24e7fd23c SIZE (sancho-src.tar.bz2) = 411892
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