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net : mldonkey-serverspy
MLDonkey Server Spy broadcasts your whereabouts on the eDonkey network
[ excerpt from developer's www site] MLDonkey Server Spy is an application for MLDonkey that broadcasts your whereabouts on the edonkey network. It will detect the server that you are connected to, and place this information on an image. The image is then uploaded to a Web server using FTP. It can then be used on Web pages, message boards etc. In this way others will be able to see where you are located and will then be able to connect to the same edonkey server, making it easier to get the files that you are sharing. The application updates the image frequently so that the latest information is always shown. Author: Rodrigo A. Diaz Leven
Version number : 1.2
Md5 : MD5 (mlservspy-1.2.tar.gz) = 73cbdc8a2760f4feb9c0013d009ae0bd SHA256 (mlservspy-1.2.tar.gz) = 5299bf620c162fa59bc6c2213f0ac774822370cfaee782a344be51178d76ec7a SIZE (mlservspy-1.2.tar.gz) = 251704
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