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net : mldonkey-urlslave
GTK+ enabled Perl script for adding ed2k:// links to MLDonkey
ed2k://urlslave for mldonkey eases the process of adding files to the mldonkey download queue using ed2k:// links. It was designed for better ed2k:// URL handling within GNOME (especially Galeon), but can be used for other purposes. Author: Veit Wahlich
Version number : 0.0.1
Md5 : MD5 (mlurlslave-v1.tar.gz) = 324c8683c3ababcd1b4a737a611282c5 SHA256 (mlurlslave-v1.tar.gz) = 464e67bf8669a06941916d65f7a768128b392c80e65ea2bfeb4721c74461104f SIZE (mlurlslave-v1.tar.gz) = 3061
Linux Software