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net : mopd
MOP Loader Daemon for netbooting DEC machines
The MOP Loader Daemon is for use netbooting older DEC machines such as VAXen and DECstations. Some versions of SRM on DEC Alphas might support it too. MOP is functionally comparable to TFTP. Included in this package are the `mopd' daemon itself, plus the debugging utilities `mopchk', `mopprobe', and `moptrace'. -- David, November 1999 (
Version number : 2.5.3
Md5 : MD5 (mopd-2.5.3.tar.gz) = b2bbea45c885309682c24e3f8674ac45 SHA256 (mopd-2.5.3.tar.gz) = 6876cf56a763fea8db1f7d76723689bcf00b76edd4124052155f74f64e2b4ed3 SIZE (mopd-2.5.3.tar.gz) = 39524 MD5 (VAX-netboot-HOWTO) = 623cc691b0508118a34b3a7da543e4d4 SHA256 (VAX-netboot-HOWTO) = b8c56a842f17b35ff30e7601aa0079ee4d2a4bb84aadc0c9d33744c38491d20e SIZE (VAX-netboot-HOWTO) = 67445 MD5 (VS3100-console-cmds.txt) = 88e2c54cfcb18b5ecd12f35f5030aef4 SHA256 (VS3100-console-cmds.txt) = 5cf3c5354979dda068978668249bdc17fd8fc97ee5b1a0d7e512b6c65a4cc4b3 SIZE (VS3100-console-cmds.txt) = 5372
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