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net : mpd
Multi-link PPP daemon based on netgraph(4) [legacy version]
Mpd is a netgraph(4) based implementation of the multi-link PPP protocol for FreeBSD. It is designed to be both fast and flexible. It handles configuration and negotiation in user land, while routing all data packets strictly in the kernel. It supports several of the numerous PPP sub-protocols and extensions, such as: Multi-link PPP capability PAP, CHAP, and MS-CHAP authentication PPP compression and encryption Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP) PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) RADIUS (authentication and accounting) Mpd also includes many additional features: Dial-on-demand with idle timeout Multiple active connections running simultaneously Dynamic demand based link management (also known as ``rubber bandwidth'') Powerful chat scripting language for asynchronous serial ports Pre-tested chat scripts for several common modems and ISDN TAs Clean device-type independent design Comprehensive logging
Version number : 3.18
Md5 : MD5 (mpd/mpd-3.18.tar.gz) = 4fdd913870dc29f29eed8f0442cd54bb SHA256 (mpd/mpd-3.18.tar.gz) = c17f7489c67180a89ac50505694b2bdc8031f6edbf92a474b8e74b50aca0f59d SIZE (mpd/mpd-3.18.tar.gz) = 329479
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