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net : mping
Mping network statistics collector
Mping is a system for collecting packet delay and loss statistics in a TCP/IP network using ICMP echo. Mping is based on original ping(8) with following new features: - Ability to ping multiple hosts simultaneously - Prints 10/50/90-percentile as well as min/avg/max.
Version number : 2.01
Md5 : MD5 (mping-2.01.tar.gz) = 3339d3b15aef46699a2712de52d8ba32 SHA256 (mping-2.01.tar.gz) = 7728ef3e31299b453e3d7cbb70b2ba0cdd3f5a9a71cae691b9756a7a3a76dde1 SIZE (mping-2.01.tar.gz) = 159203
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