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net : mrouted
Multicast routing daemon providing DVMRP for IPv4
mrouted is an implementation of the DVMRP multicast routing protocol. It turns a UNIX workstation into a DVMRP multicast router with tunnel support, in order to cross non-multicast-aware routers.
Version number : 3.9
Md5 : MD5 (mrouted-3.9beta3+IOS12.tar.gz) = 15bb287b5af0cef4ec8e4ad3bd56740c SHA256 (mrouted-3.9beta3+IOS12.tar.gz) = fa9ad8150ca11044288162cf3056cca94ad737ee822b710994aa178eb0100908 SIZE (mrouted-3.9beta3+IOS12.tar.gz) = 110167
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