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net : nakenchat
Small (under 50k) chat server with many features
Small chat server written in C. The compiled code is still under 50k (at this time around 40k). The chat offers many features including private channels, gagging, squelching, banning, censoring, and much more. Users can connect to the chat through many ways including telnet and a Java applet through a webpage.
Version number : 2.00
Md5 : MD5 (nakenchat-2.00.tar.gz) = 054a05c64686cd781b47cffe449db9fd SHA256 (nakenchat-2.00.tar.gz) = f3403ef98d985c0f87861f8b886355ef64e38056174f1835b20b37f81fc8ada4 SIZE (nakenchat-2.00.tar.gz) = 22693
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