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net : nepim
Tool for measuring available bandwidth between hosts
Nepim stands for network pipemeter, a tool for measuring available bandwidth between hosts. nepim is also useful to generate network traffic for testing purposes. Nepim operates in client/server mode, is able to handle multiple parallel traffic streams, reports periodic partial statistics along the testing, and supports IPv6.
Version number : 0.15
Md5 : MD5 (nepim-0.15.tar.gz) = 719d6a31f8f10919f1bde7d9aff5550b SHA256 (nepim-0.15.tar.gz) = 4d25a850ec124be1a07061527119ad07c8babc6bf211eaa50cb9087ccae7448f SIZE (nepim-0.15.tar.gz) = 43041
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