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net : newsbot
Gathers news from RDF/RSS and send them to your IM client
newsBot gathers news from various news feeds(RDF/RSS-pages) and send the news to your IM client. The bot is a console based application and uses the Jabber network for messaging. Each RDF/RSS-page is checked every 30 min in a running order. When a new news item is found, the news will be sent to the users with the website in its site list. The news item will include(if available) title, date, link and a short description. Features: * Individual user settings. * 15 bot commands. * Over 30 news feeds to choose from. * Ability to add and remove news feeds. * and more...
Version number : 0.4.5
Md5 : MD5 (newsbot-0.45.tar.gz) = 83935032e3934f77acf4389304ac84b1 SIZE (newsbot-0.45.tar.gz) = 32039
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