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net : nocatauth-server
Open 802.11 Authentication Server
This is the authorization server component of the NoCat system. Please note that the gpg target is not currently used or installed, and the message regarding 'make pgpkeys' should be disregarded for the time being. Bruce
Version number : 0.82
Md5 : MD5 (NoCatAuth-0.82.tar.gz) = eaaa25b834c7f0bcfbe3270bc7b7f274 SHA256 (NoCatAuth-0.82.tar.gz) = eb1601d6bb3d3660a89f1218b1303b92449c09e5c3a37528e2a90966afad8db9 SIZE (NoCatAuth-0.82.tar.gz) = 91328
Linux Software