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net : nocatsplash
Open 802.11 Splash Screen
NoCatSplash is a Open Public Network Gateway Daemon. It performs as a [captive/open/active] portal. When run on a gateway/router on a network, all web requests are redirected until the client either logs in or clicks "I Accept" to an AUP. The gateway daemon then changes the firewall rules on the gateway to pass traffic for that client (based on IP address and MAC address). Bruce
Version number : 0.82
Md5 : MD5 (NoCatSplash-nightly.tgz) = 43516d61ef740616cee961bec6b926fa SHA256 (NoCatSplash-nightly.tgz) = e9c5f83d7dff1896e390c7e8b461f1546dc5055b8f569078157829ac824a7025 SIZE (NoCatSplash-nightly.tgz) = 109000
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