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net : nss_ldap
RFC 2307 NSS module
nss_ldap is a NSS module which provides an LDAP backend for C library functions such as getpwnam(3), getgrnam(3), and gethostbyname(3). It is compliant with RFC 2307, ``An Approach for Using LDAP as a Network Information Service''. Currently this is an experimental port, with support only for the `passwd' and `group' databases.
Version number : 1.${NSS_LDAP_VERSION}
Md5 : MD5 (nss_ldap-257.tar.gz) = 8b9c3d91c67ba05d4135f042dd9a35f2 SHA256 (nss_ldap-257.tar.gz) = 506a89bf9d8fac4182e52cb1a7e9dc5310be865f7c2430b2602d4080c9140dae SIZE (nss_ldap-257.tar.gz) = 229299
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