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net : nvnet
Driver for NVIDIA MCP Ethernet adapter
This port contains a driver for the NVIDIA nForce MCP Ethernet adapter. It contains a wrapper that replaces the Linux nvnet.c, and links against the Linux binary only object file (nvenetlib.o) included from the NVIDIA driver source distribution. This should work on all nForce and nForce2 based motherboards that have the onboard MCP MAC enabled.
Version number : 1.0.0301
Md5 : MD5 (nvnet-src-20050312.tar.gz) = 3e663986eab7deb5bf315a9f795bee7d SHA256 (nvnet-src-20050312.tar.gz) = 8644ccff9ed2470484a7f3845287b9bd55764eef4a2e62cb3fae4e2bbb952ee2 SIZE (nvnet-src-20050312.tar.gz) = 91425
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