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net : ocaml-jabbr
XML Messaging and Presence Protocol a.k.a. Jabber for Objective Caml
[ excerpt from developer's www site ] Jabbr is an OCaml library for the XML Messaging and Presence Protocol, more commonly known as Jabber, based on my Yaxpo reentrant XML parser. Jabbr provides basic XML stream and authentication services based on a clean state machine abstraction which imposes minimal constraints on the underlying I/O mechanisms used by the driver program. It currently does not provide automated support for higher-level XMPP abstractions like presence and roster management. In addition to Yaxpo, Jabbr requires Xavier Leroy's Cryptokit library, which provides SHA-1 hash support for authentication.
Version number : 0.0.${DATE_VERSION}
Md5 : MD5 (jabbr.tar.gz) = 904e15ceb05681f563894151d819ef07 SIZE (jabbr.tar.gz) = 12185
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