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net : onion-fec
Java Forward Error Correction (FEC) library from OnionNetworks
[ excerpt from developer's web site with modifications ] Forward Error Correction (FEC) is an essential building block of any satellite or IP multicast based content distribution system. Our library is the fastest and most mature Java FEC library available. It features: o Fast multi-threaded I/O routines for encoding and decoding files o FEC codec plugin interface o Cryptograhic hashes can be used for checking file integrity
Version number : 1.0.3
Md5 : MD5 ( = 484f8629cca2db44a3cfd6adfc543c2e SHA256 ( = 2b23956854800b85a0d2eec11ab0940daec44e4c828b78782686efe8511a7d12 SIZE ( = 745195
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