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net : openam
H323 Answer Machine
OpenAM is a H323 Answer Machine. It is used to record messages from other users while you are unavailable. It accepts calls from any H323 Video Conferencing client, including OhPhone (part of OpenH323) and MS NetMeeting. It makes use of PWLib and the OpenH323 stack from Equivalence Ltd Pty
Version number : 1.1.18
Md5 : MD5 (openam-v1_1_18-src-tar.gz) = 6ea20ca3e20da453482bfce8d7e8c0bf SHA256 (openam-v1_1_18-src-tar.gz) = afbc80d104476d48e060b28a438fa21404b81c2b8537a590fe0822968cc685b9 SIZE (openam-v1_1_18-src-tar.gz) = 252554
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