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net : openh323
A H323 Video Conferencing library
OpenH323 is a multi-platform H323 Video Conferencing library. This is used to make H323 Video Conferencing applications like GnomeMeeting and ohphone. (both in the FreeBSD ports tree) The library includes a sample program called simph323. The OpenH323 library makes use of PWLib. PWLib is a multi-platform code library that can be used to write applications that will compile and run on the BSD Unixes, Windows, Linux and a few other Unix variants. It was developed by Equivalence Ltd Pty.
Version number :
Md5 : MD5 (openh323/openh323-v1_19_0_1-src-tar.gz) = e7ba3ae6b50d0d02c5cbe9ed3a3152c4 SHA256 (openh323/openh323-v1_19_0_1-src-tar.gz) = a4909d8d26a50eec42d3bfb6b88ff53ef0a714e6c6b6cf381b783050a09d31ea SIZE (openh323/openh323-v1_19_0_1-src-tar.gz) = 3959271
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