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net : openmcu
OpenMCU hosts a conference call for H323 Video Conferencing users
OpenMCU is a H323 Multipoint Conference Unit. It allows several people to take part in the same Video Conference or Internet Phone Call (VoIP) when using program using the H323 protocols. Applications using H323 include OpenH323, OhPhone, GnomeMeeting and Microsoft's NetMeeting. It makes use of PWLib and the OpenH323 stack from Equivalence Ltd Pty
Version number : 2.2.1
Md5 : MD5 (openmcu-v2_2_1-src.tar.gz) = 2808c6d4c95010851146001083357955 SHA256 (openmcu-v2_2_1-src.tar.gz) = 09d7b3f897fa5b76024753f53828f5596c39757b372b55a55b8893d1ae63796a SIZE (openmcu-v2_2_1-src.tar.gz) = 155199
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