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net : openospfd
Free implementation of the Open Shortest Path First Protocol
OpenOSPFD is a FREE implementation of the Open Shortest Path First Protocol. It allows ordinary machines to be used as routers exchanging routes with other systems speaking the OSPF protocol.
Version number : 4.0
Md5 : MD5 (openospfd/openospfd-4.0.tgz) = 6dcf9170627120f009ff9d5917b49376 SHA256 (openospfd/openospfd-4.0.tgz) = c9e87e849664a6674a4a650a453754b53d6c0bd1110ee5e82a7b6cc7fbad6ee7 SIZE (openospfd/openospfd-4.0.tgz) = 84459 MD5 (openospfd/if_media.h) = 4ff9297f5c133425dafe3ca565c0f811 SHA256 (openospfd/if_media.h) = 58225d0ed363c2beb23426f0f8254089d4541c3334776f3750ba434d4491a1d1 SIZE (openospfd/if_media.h) = 23762 MD5 (openospfd/hash.h) = 0c397692b9b152f1bca968b6248bc09c SHA256 (openospfd/hash.h) = 0c5561c6765325f49d82d5c5fd9471dbfadf21f44e554758eb112a23f7c317b1 SIZE (openospfd/hash.h) = 3488
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