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net : openradius
A RADIUS server with some actual documentation
This is a relatively simple port of OpenRADIUS. From the faq... ------------------------------ What is OpenRADIUS? OpenRADIUS is a piece of software that links your network access devices to your user-, service profile-, and usage databases. As such, OpenRADIUS isn't unique; other servers that speak the RADIUS protocol do the same. But it is unique in the flexibility it offers you in building this link, because it puts you in full control of the business rules used inside the server and the ways it talks to your databases - without anybody having to hack the source code. ------------------------------
Version number : 0.9.12c
Md5 : MD5 (openradius-0.9.12c.tar.gz) = 2356d6edb93096ee58d6470ac416877a SHA256 (openradius-0.9.12c.tar.gz) = faf55f3ede8d842a73014656c2d9e6d2516baca453709a7d5c5d13bbeaf79cc6 SIZE (openradius-0.9.12c.tar.gz) = 254179
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