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net : openser
A very fast and configurable SIP proxy with TLS support
OpenSER is a very fast and flexible SIP (RFC3261) proxy server. Written entirely in C, openser can handle thousands calls per second even on low-budget hardware. A C Shell like scripting language provides full control over the server's behaviour. It's modular architecture allows only required functionality to be loaded. Currently the following modules are available: digest authentication, CPL scripts, instant messaging, MySQL and UNIXODBC support, a presence agent, radius authentication, record routing, an SMS gateway, a jabber gateway, a transaction and dialog module, OSP module, statistics support, registrar and user location, SIMPLE Presence, Perl programming interface, SNMP and Java SIP Servlet.
Version number : 1.2.3
Md5 : MD5 (openser-1.2.3-tls_src.tar.gz) = 077b057cdd50d273b70f7ea975ae85a0 SHA256 (openser-1.2.3-tls_src.tar.gz) = 58baf7558e5ad9f19be3e47c007b67e38e4eec645ef8e180e3bbf6e5ea63900e SIZE (openser-1.2.3-tls_src.tar.gz) = 3325798
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