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net : ossp-sa
An abstraction library for the Unix socket API
OSSP sa is an abstraction library for the Unix socket application programming interface (API) featuring stream and datagram oriented communication over Unix Domain and Internet Domain (TCP and UDP) sockets. It provides the following key features: address abstraction (local, IPv4, and IPv6), type abstraction, I/O timeouts, I/O stream buffering and convenience I/O functions.
Version number : 1.2.6
Md5 : MD5 (sa-1.2.6.tar.gz) = 45317c5529b3ce8acbdaeb93aff4ad16 SHA256 (sa-1.2.6.tar.gz) = de570d4607df79ca80fb70d226a5609ecd5b4d4dc32e8510f9c78921840727ac SIZE (sa-1.2.6.tar.gz) = 346701
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