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net : p5-File-Rsync
Perl convenience wrapper for the rsync(1) program
The File::Rsync Perl module is a convenience wrapper to the rsync(1) command. It has wrappers for almost all the rsync commands and features, as well as detecting errors. For more details, type 'perldoc File::Rsync' or see the CPAN homepage:
Version number : 0.42
Md5 : MD5 (File-Rsync-0.42.tar.gz) = c4f0f92227ede564f0109f9e190643d8 SHA256 (File-Rsync-0.42.tar.gz) = 7349100bd7b1d8929ace71a50333f2051cc746f11ad836fb8d84dec5f26580f4 SIZE (File-Rsync-0.42.tar.gz) = 19407
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