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net : p5-Geo-IP-PurePerl
Look up country by IP Address
Geo::IP::PurePerl uses a file based database. This database simply contains IP blocks as keys, and countries as values. This database is more complete and accurate than reverse DNS lookups. Geo::IP::PurePerl can be used to automatically select the geographically closest mirror, to analyze your web server logs to determine the countries of your visiters, for credit card fraud detection, and for software export controls.
Version number : 1.18
Md5 : MD5 (Geo-IP-PurePerl-1.18.tar.gz) = 6ee8bfa7f82904cf80fc0094ef526434 SHA256 (Geo-IP-PurePerl-1.18.tar.gz) = f8402df89647a8c5c1972646ec536ffb63a7fb04a8370731f8d70810f20c9ad4 SIZE (Geo-IP-PurePerl-1.18.tar.gz) = 18651
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