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net : p5-Net-Address-IPv4-Local
A class for discovering the local system's IP address
Net::Address::IPv4::Local discovers the local system's IP address that would be used as the source address when contacting "the internet" or a certain specified remote IP address.
Version number : 0.12
Md5 : MD5 (Net-Address-IPv4-Local-0.12.tar.gz) = 42d7f4ea929727d83cdde41247f13e43 SHA256 (Net-Address-IPv4-Local-0.12.tar.gz) = babb118198d224ff7df7d3953562f3b639ba3435f1a8188f1b6344b717535c5f SIZE (Net-Address-IPv4-Local-0.12.tar.gz) = 4848
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