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net : p5-Net-BGP
Border Gateway Protocol version 4 speaker/listener library
This module is an implementation of the BGP-4 inter-domain routing protocol. It encapsulates all of the functionality needed to establish and maintain a BGP peering session and exchange routing update information with the peer. It aims to provide a simple API to the BGP protocol for the purposes of automation, logging, monitoring, testing, and similar tasks using the power and flexibility of perl. The module does not implement the functionality of a RIB (Routing Information Base) nor does it modify the kernel routing table of the host system. However, such operations could be implemented using the API provided by the module.
Version number : 0.08
Md5 : MD5 (Net-BGP-0.08.tar.gz) = 946d056bd3db24a44b48d8538f8b5dc3 SHA256 (Net-BGP-0.08.tar.gz) = c97c80656a27f9d449677e23aa8f8a044267a321603213bb8a79c17c92f295f8 SIZE (Net-BGP-0.08.tar.gz) = 41797
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