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net : p5-Net-CSTA
Perl extension for ECMA CSTA
ECMA CSTA is an ASN.1 based protocol for Computer Integrated Telephony (CTI) using CSTA it is possible to write code that communicates with a PBX. Typical applications include receiving notifications for incoming calls, placing calls, redirecting calls or placing conference calls.
Version number : 0.04
Md5 : MD5 (Net-CSTA-0.04.tar.gz) = ca264bd8a3de6f8672712f5079d2a5b9 SHA256 (Net-CSTA-0.04.tar.gz) = bfdbed264b6be7defc8d7212b58ae0a87134a64a48891af518acb4d0895a45c9 SIZE (Net-CSTA-0.04.tar.gz) = 10545
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