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net : p5-Net-DLookup
Perform domain lookups on 2-letter and 3-letter TLDs
Net::DLookup performs domain lookups for 2-letter and 3-letter top level domains. It also verifies the validity of domain names by checking punctuation, length, metacharacters, etc..
Version number : 1.01
Md5 : MD5 (Net-DLookup-1.01.tar.gz) = 28efe2c7d62c858aded2e5a5cf68c490 SHA256 (Net-DLookup-1.01.tar.gz) = 39d06d6a22fb4a240df2b6837271d59334602e60cc92d07fa414e7a62f890045 SIZE (Net-DLookup-1.01.tar.gz) = 10546
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