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net : p5-Net-Flow
Decode and encode NetFlow/IPFIX datagrams
The Flow module provides the decoding function for NetFlow version 5,9 and IPFIX, and the encoding function for NetFlow version 9 and IPFIX. It supports NetFlow version 9 (RFC3945) and NetFlow version 5 ( and IPFIX(draft-ietf-ipfix-protocol-26.txt). Regretfully, it doesn't provide the full specification of IPFIX, yet. It is future work. You can easily make the Flow Proxy, Protocol Converter and Flow Concentrator by using the combination of both function. And also, you can make the flexible Collector which can receive any Templates by using the Storable perl module. AUTHOR: Atsushi Kobayashi
Version number : 0.02
Md5 : MD5 (Net-Flow-0.02.tar.gz) = 8a56b1b654be28b68e979bc89e55452c SHA256 (Net-Flow-0.02.tar.gz) = 92725203e5d19e56fcacb2a653aa8de81aadf68a381aa91583dc135ea5e913f9 SIZE (Net-Flow-0.02.tar.gz) = 9609
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