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net : p5-Net-Frame
Base framework for frame crafting
Net::Frame is a fork of Net::Packet. The goal here was to greatly simplify the use of the frame crafting framework. Net::Packet does many things undercover, and it was difficult to document all the thingies. Also, Net::Packet may suffer from unease of use, because frames were assembled using layers stored in L2, L3, L4 and L7 attributes. Net::Frame removes all this, and is splitted in different modules, for those who only want to use part of the framework, and not whole framework. Finally, anyone can create a layer, and put it on his CPAN space, because of the modularity Net::Frame offers. For an example, see Net::Frame::Layer::ICMPv4 on my CPAN space.
Version number : 1.04
Md5 : MD5 (Net-Frame-1.04.tar.gz) = da7b05144184a4df73dafbcb7a1cabb4 SHA256 (Net-Frame-1.04.tar.gz) = e15d0a3ea1dad2dd229ff10436fbb9a2eaea195b655728f5f6a0b8016f8a68fc SIZE (Net-Frame-1.04.tar.gz) = 19750
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