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net : p5-Net-HL7
Net::HL7 - A simple yet flexible API for non-XML HL7 applications
The HL7 toolkit provides a lightweight Perl API for creating, manipulating, sending, and receiving HL7 messages. For more information about HL7, see
Version number : 0.73
Md5 : MD5 (Net-HL7-0.73.tar.gz) = c1d4ac9a4e70baf68760da708862f8af SHA256 (Net-HL7-0.73.tar.gz) = 4724eb78c24b9596d6e30558a7361fc64f2ea4dc9a047c3315be9df027a5b72c SIZE (Net-HL7-0.73.tar.gz) = 17558
Linux Software