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net : p5-Net-Jabber
Net::Jabber provides Perl Developer access to the Jabber protocol
Net::Jabber v1.0021 The Jabber Instant Messaging project is an Open Source project seeking to provide a complete cross protocol messaging solution. The problem with current IM solutions is that they are all proprietary and cannot talk to each other. Jabber seeks to get rid of those barriers by allowing a Jabber client to talk with an AOL user, or an IRC chat room, or any number of other programs. For more information about the Jabber project visit
Version number : 2.0
Md5 : MD5 (jabber/Net-Jabber-2.0.tar.gz) = 1fd348fb9a1a6c5a167ae862ed89cd53 SIZE (jabber/Net-Jabber-2.0.tar.gz) = 112416
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