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net : p5-Net-MovableType
A light-weight MovableType client Perl module
Using Net::MovableType you can post new entries, edit existing entries, browse entries and users blogs, and perform most of the features you can perform through accessing your MovableType account. Since Net::MovableType uses MT's remote procedure call gateway, you can do it from any computer with Internet connection. Net::MovableType promises an intuitive, user friendly, Object Oriented interface for managing your web sites published through MovableType. Most of the method names correspond to those documented in MovableType's Programming Interface Manual.
Version number : 1.74
Md5 : MD5 (Net-MovableType-1.74.tar.gz) = b1fd869e656f9c19fbb3096b7d037c1d SHA256 (Net-MovableType-1.74.tar.gz) = 057aae1b5db24f3442cb95f7b9736a6d109ae3771acebbf02d4447b44c1f7453 SIZE (Net-MovableType-1.74.tar.gz) = 14067
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