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net : p5-Net-NIS
Interface to Sun's Network Information Service
This is a snapshot release of the NIS interface to Perl 5. There are three parts to the interface: the raw component (Net::NIS), the object-oriented component (Net::NIS::Table), and the tied interface (Net::NIS). Unless someone provides strong reason to support the raw or OO components, they will be marked as deprecated and not documented or enhanced (but still supported for backward compatibility).
Version number : 0.43
Md5 : MD5 (Net-NIS-0.43.tar.gz) = c0f7a0784f1b3b078c423207d40f49ea SHA256 (Net-NIS-0.43.tar.gz) = 0b287cc2858a115caf00e15c79e1a05bf5e562a15f736a76554d88c3e7efac20 SIZE (Net-NIS-0.43.tar.gz) = 16484
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