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net : p5-Net-OpenDHT
Access the Open Distributed Hash Table (Open DHT)
The Net::OpenDHT module provides a simple interface to the Open DHT service. Open DHT is a publicly accessible distributed hash table (DHT) service. In contrast to the usual DHT model, clients of Open DHT do not need to run a DHT node in order to use the service. Instead, they can issue put and get operations to any DHT node, which processes the operations on their behalf. No credentials or accounts are required to use the service, and the available storage is fairly shared across all active clients. This service model of DHT usage greatly simplifies deploying client applications. By using Open DHT as a highly-available naming and storage service, clients can ignore the complexities of deploying and maintaining a DHT and instead concentrate on developing more sophisticated distributed applications.
Version number : 0.33
Md5 : MD5 (Net-OpenDHT-0.33.tar.gz) = c9bc1e721b5f02b52b00ae0f6d21b4bc SHA256 (Net-OpenDHT-0.33.tar.gz) = 4f28d6a2850dbff8c9ef645ffcc124d1394209937eb2b71b2c6484a7b326fc11 SIZE (Net-OpenDHT-0.33.tar.gz) = 4624
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