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net : p5-Net-ParseWhois
Extendable perl5 module for parsing whois information
Based on Net::Whois, Net::ParseWhois was written with the intent to provide a replacement for the (broken) Net::Whois module. It is otherwise different to Net::Whois in that it a) is easily extendable b) has a work-around approach rather than wanting/expecting/wishing registrars to standardize their output.
Version number : 0.62
Md5 : MD5 (Net-ParseWhois-0.62.tar.gz) = f648a2ba7d9aff1d5d1fdb685ce99bbc SHA256 (Net-ParseWhois-0.62.tar.gz) = b2d0ce4b5919ba8ea129e998adc4bdd98a85c2eef2c1923f4ae6fcbfbbca51b0 SIZE (Net-ParseWhois-0.62.tar.gz) = 11554
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