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net : p5-Net-Ping-External
Perl cross-platform interface to ICMP "ping" utilities
Net::Ping::External is a module which interfaces with the "ping" command on many systems. It presently provides a single function, ping(), that takes in a hostname and (optionally) a timeout and returns true if the host is alive, and false otherwise. Unless you have the ability (and willingness) to run your scripts as the superuser on your system, this module will probably provide more accurate results than Net::Ping will.
Version number : 0.12
Md5 : MD5 (Net-Ping-External-0.12.tar.gz) = 29c6cd74081861f4bffe1f83943f5792 SHA256 (Net-Ping-External-0.12.tar.gz) = 319ceb07eddd601acfe6bfbb4354cbbef2b38402c36b725d5fcd0c251fb499b2 SIZE (Net-Ping-External-0.12.tar.gz) = 7592
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