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net : p5-Net-Radius
A perl module to manipulate RADIUS packets
The modules included here provide an interface to the RADIUS protocol. It consists of the following modules: Net::Radius::Packet - Deals with RADIUS packets Net::Radius::Dictionary - Deals with RADIUS dictionaries This module is essentially the original RADIUS-1.0 distribution by Christopher Masto plus a number of changes and fixes by Luis Munoz and Ian Smith.
Version number : 1.56
Md5 : MD5 (Net-Radius-1.56.tar.gz) = ec6fa61f56f68a150e6dd96b6c30e0a8 SHA256 (Net-Radius-1.56.tar.gz) = 76bca3ba3a494de05e14b275a0402efec802e233fff57fd16f4bdf452ae69005 SIZE (Net-Radius-1.56.tar.gz) = 198128
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