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net : p5-Net-SDP
Session Description Protocol (RFC 2327) packet parser/generator
Net::SDP is an SDP (Session Description Protocol) parser and generator. Net::SDP is object oriented and a single instance of Net::SDP represents a single SDP session description. There are methods to easily get, set and create each of the fields in the session description. The classes Net::SDP::Time and Net::SDP::Media are automatically instantiated for each Time Description (t=) and Media Description (m=).
Version number : 0.07
Md5 : MD5 (Net-SDP-0.07.tar.gz) = bb70cb8ebb7ca57c20ac134ac4499e66 SHA256 (Net-SDP-0.07.tar.gz) = f43fa0f8f9705ae66a4084d13691c2ad7724b381424d368404c3d825bc5782f0 SIZE (Net-SDP-0.07.tar.gz) = 20679
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