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net : p5-Net-SSH2
Support for the SSH 2 protocol via libSSH2
Net::SSH2 is a perl interface to the libssh2 ( library. It supports the SSH2 protocol (there is no support for SSH1) with all of the key exchanges, ciphers, and compression of libssh2. Unless otherwise indicated, methods return a true value on success and false on failure; use the error method to get extended error information. The typical order is to create the SSH2 object, set up the connection methods you want to use, call connect, authenticate with one of the auth methods, then create channels on the connection to perform commands.
Version number : 0.18
Md5 : MD5 (Net-SSH2-0.18.tar.gz) = 6399eeb115a72545777d7989b98190cf SHA256 (Net-SSH2-0.18.tar.gz) = 4bd78eb0b3099271e2047d4e727c8105c07d22d732ca0fb76c37b11f80b64fc4 SIZE (Net-SSH2-0.18.tar.gz) = 67029
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