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net : p5-Net-Server
A configurable base class for writing internet servers in Perl
Net::Server is an extensible, generic Perl server engine. Net::Server combines the good properties from Net::Daemon (0.34), NetServer::Generic (1.03), and Net::FTPServer (1.0), and also from various concepts in the Apache Webserver. Net::Server attempts to be a generic server as in Net::Daemon and NetServer::Generic. It includes with it the ability to run as an inetd process (Net::Server::INET), a single connection server (Net::Server or Net::Server::Single), a forking server (Net::Server::Fork), or as a preforking server (Net::Server::PreFork). In all but the inetd type, the server provides the ability to connect to one or to multiple server ports.
Version number : 0.97
Md5 : MD5 (Net-Server-0.97.tar.gz) = f884b6c5b1d2698a82bbc7ba659690a1 SHA256 (Net-Server-0.97.tar.gz) = 4ebce7e92b8fcfcc127583b1dee49d40726860c080908ea381e619c047d8708f SIZE (Net-Server-0.97.tar.gz) = 92158
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