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net : p5-Net-TiVo
Framework for accessing TiVo using XML/HTTP
Net::TiVo provides an object-oriented interface to TiVo's REST interface. This makes it possible to query your TiVo for information about recorded content, such as a show's download URL, and space consumed.
Version number : 0.10
Md5 : MD5 (Net-TiVo-0.10.tar.gz) = 385af1c8c378d17a16281abd008a4743 SHA256 (Net-TiVo-0.10.tar.gz) = 0bda753902f884d0a4e005863046a4a378285323678de6d2541f4db2e1b46cbe SIZE (Net-TiVo-0.10.tar.gz) = 10794
Linux Software